Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Avoid Spending Time In Jail For Non-Child Support


Are you one of the many father(s)who avoid paying your Child Support responsibilites? well, it dosen't have be that way.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need

  • pay your child support
  • have a steady employment
  • be a good parent



Step One

The first thing you do is to be on time when you are summoned to appear in court for a Child Support case.If You fail to appear in court the residing court will issuse a warrant for your arrest "Contempt of Court"

Step Two

If you have hired a lawyer allow the the lawyer to speak for you so he or she can explain to the judge what's going on with the child support payments that you might have failed to pay.

Step Three

You need to have empolyment to show proof to the court and Child Support Division. Whatever, you do don't STOP working just because you dislike your ex-spouse.You need to be a Responsible Father for your kid sake.

Step Four

If the court or Child Support Division needs "proof" that you have been paying bring your pay stubs or any doucements. Be prepare for some harsh remarks from the judge for your lack of payment to your child needs.

Step Five

If you haven't been sending any monies to Child Support Division you will be arrested in open court by a deputy and escorted to a holding cell to spend 180 days in a county jail. Whatever, you do Fathers or Mothers don't bring your new love intrest into your problems or bring "MAMA" into court to fight your battles that dosen't really sit well with the rest of your peers that are inside the court listening.

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