Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Get Child Support After a Divorce


If you have been divorced and are not receiving court-ordered child support, life can be very difficult for you and the kids. The federal government has come a long way in trying to seek out and force parents, usually fathers, to regularly pay the full amount of child support. Some of the methods include attaching wages, garnishing tax refunds, and placing liens on property or selling property. Unpaid child support is now reported to credit bureaus. Driver's licenses as well as professional licenses can be revoked. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you have the financial assistance that is coming to you.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy



Step One

Go online to the Child Support Enforcement website. "Click" on the Frequently Asked Questions link and that should help guide you to the proper state agency to contact if you are having a problem.

Step Two

Contact a private agency that specializes in finding deadbeat parents and collecting money from them. Remember that it comes at a price. They will charge you nothing unless they do collect, but once they collect money, they will take a percentage before sending it to you. Make sure you understand the terms before proceeding.

Step Three

Call an attorney who specializes in child support. Get their name from a local agency of the state bar that recommends attorneys. Again, it will not be free, so make sure you understand the costs involved before you take this route.

Tips & Warnings

  • Everyone's situation is different. Government agencies have a lot more resources for getting support payments than they did in the past, and they don't take a percentage of the money collected. Only use companies that take a percentage of the child support collected as a last resort.
  • Don't do anything to create any problems for your kids or yourself. Leave it up to a third party. Avoid confrontation and violence at all costs.

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