Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Start Paying Child Support


This can be a very contentious issue and can be resolved in your favour or it can bounce back with a penalty, especially if there is a court order against you to pay child support. There are several ways you can go about setting up payments. Here are some of those options.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy



Step One

Hire a lawyer (check the yellow pages) who will explain all the legalities to you, and who can arrange to set up the payments and/or back payments for you.

Step Two

Go to the courthouse and speak with a duty counsel who will work with you as a free legal adviser, and who can help set you up with a payment plan in the support office.

Step Three

Go to the courthouse and get a list of the names of lawyers who give a few minutes of free legal advice. They can explain to you the complexity of your matter and help you determine whether or not you require a lawyer to represent you through the whole issue.

Step Four

Make support arrangements yourself with the other parent of the child if there is no order of child support against you and you are able to speak with the other parent in a co-operative and reasonable manner. Any child support arrears would be something you both would either arrange or forgive. Make sure you both put in writing what you have agreed to, and that both of you sign and date each copy. Be careful not to default on this arrangement or these documents will become part of a legal issue.

Tips & Warnings

  • If it is necessary to go through the court system to set up the payments, it would be wise to have legal counsel represent you, whether it’s your choice of a lawyer or an appointed one.
  • You will need legal documents such as personal ID, proof that you are the parent, and employment records indicating your place of employment and your earnings.
  • When support payments are arranged through the court, the monthly payments will be determined by the number of children you will be supporting and their needs, and in accordance with the amount of money you earn.

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