Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Find a Lawyer to Represent you in a Second-Parent Adoption


Second parent adoption is not allowed in many states of America. Some states allow it and few states have unclear laws regarding them. In such situation gay and lesbian couples desiring second-parent adoption need to hire a lawyer to represent their case in court and fight for them. Here are the steps to how to find a lawyer to represent you in a second-parent adoption:


Difficulty: Moderate



Step One

Find out the laws regarding second-parent adoption in your state by going online and browsing information available on the Internet. Or you can go to your neighborhood bookstore or library and go through some of the law books.

Step Two

Go online and find out about associations of gay and lesbian lawyers where you can get listings of gay and lesbian lawyers as well as lawyers specializing in GLBT-related cases. For more information, check out the Resources section below.

Step Three

Look up the names of lawyers specializing in such cases in the Yellow Pages.

Step Four

Find out if you know any couples who have gone for second-parent adoption. Ask your friends, family members or colleagues if they know of anyone.

Step Five

Speak with other couples who have gone through the process and find out about their experience with the legal system. They could provide you with some practical suggestions, tips or warnings. Find out about the lawyer hired by them to represent their case. Speak with this lawyer and see if he or she is suitable to handle your case.

Step Six

Consult more than one lawyer before finalizing one. You would get the opportunity to decide upon which one is better for your case.

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