Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Get Child Support From the Navy


The Navy and Marines expect their service members to act responsibly and respectfully to their spouses and children and remember their Core Values at all times. This includes times of separation and divorce. Marines and sailors who abandon or do not act in a respectful manner toward their families are subject to severe disciplinary action up to and including a court martial.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging



Step One

Contact the service member for payments. The Navy has a recommended schedule for spousal and child support. The Navy does not, however, pay the spouse directly unless ordered by the court to do so.

Step Two

Contact the service member's sponsor or the Chaplain if you cannot contact the service member directly. The Chaplain then informs the service member's master chief or commanding officer of the situation. Have the service member's name, social security number, unit and rank available if at all possible.

Step Three

Seek legal assistance if necessary. Be sure you choose an attorney that is experienced in military law.

Step Four

Seek help from the Navy-Marine Corps Relief or Red Cross if the need for child support or spousal support assistance is immediate. They have money for necessities in an emergency situation, but beware that the service member faces severe disciplinary action if you go this route.

Tips & Warnings

  • Under Department of Defense Pay Manual Article 30236, service members must pay at least their monthly daily allowance for subsistence.
  • In extreme cases such as abandonment, infidelity and abuse, the commanding officer may waive spousal support entitlement.

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