Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to reduce your child support


how and when you can lower your child support


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Step One

How to reduce your child support?

Child support is usually ordered to the parent who has Physical custody of the child. The parent who has visitation is usually the one who pays. Some parents have joint/shared physical custody and one parent may be ordered to still pay support if there is an extreme difference in the parent's income. This would be done for the best interest of the child.

Child support is based on both parties weekly gross income ( before taxes), number of children, ages of children, who is providing health insurance for the child, daycare expenses, and if a parent is paying another court order for child support.

Step Two

How to reduce your child support order..

If you provide the health insurance for your child you get a credit for it and it will reduce your oder.

If you have joint physical custody of the child, 50/50 modem with mom and dad, your order may be terminated or reduced

If you lose your job, take a pay cut, or stop receiving a bonus. This changes your income and may reduce your support order. People on AFDC, EAEDC, SSI, and SSDI may not be ordered to pay support due to there minimal income.

If you have a support order for one child and now have one for another you may be able to reduce the first order.

Step Three

In order to reduce you order you need to bring your case back to court by filing a motion to review support or a complaint for modification to modify your court ordered support.

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