Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Make a List of Questions About Gay Adoption to Ask an Attorney


The best way to determine if a lawyer is best for you is to have a one-on-one talk and clarify any doubts that you have in mind. This becomes all the more important if the case is as sensitive as gay adoption. Here is how to make a list of questions to ask an attorney who you may hire to represent you in a gay adoption case.


Difficulty: Easy



Step One

Check the attorney’s experience in the field. Ask him if he has handled cases similar to yours earlier in his career. Get the details of those cases.

Step Two

Ask the lawyer if he has been associated with any organizations that support gay causes. Ask if you can you get their help to support your case.

Step Three

Ask him about the possible outcomes of your case. This can help you analyze your case better and plan a better strategy.

Step Four

Learn the approximate time the case will take to resolve. This will help you manage your time and resources for the case.

Step Five

Learn about the fee structure. Ask the lawyer about his rates and the frequency of billing. Get an idea of the ballpark figure, including the fees and expenses.

Step Six

Ask the attorney how he will update you about the case. Make sure you are satisfied and the method suggested suits your convenience.

Step Seven

Ask questions about the attorney’s suggested approach to the case. This will help you make any suggestions or add any information that you think might be useful to your lawyer.

Step Eight

Ask your lawyer about other people in his office who would be working on you case. Also ask if the paralegals or junior attorneys that will work on your case have handled any significant legal matter before.

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